Targos is a city located in the north-west part of Erria, close by the inactive volcano Kaju. Being one of the most remotely located cities in Erria, it takes five days of travel by foot to reach the closest neighbour, Kemyria. Targos is ruled by the aging Keldric Bailyn, and is part of the Kingdom of Kemyria. Both law and culture of the city is influenced by the directions of the high priests, and those with power are usually in good standing with them. However, the church of Targos are periodically accused of using their faith as a tool to hold political power rather than to serve St. Cuthbert.

Taverns and Inns Edit

Entertainment Edit

Guilds Edit

Private pirate organisations thrive well in Targos, as it is legal to steal from any enemy of the Kingdom of Kemyria, without paying additional taxes for the stolen goods.

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